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Take Action


There are many things you can do from simple to sensational to make a positive impact. Be sure to send us a photo along with the date and location of your effort. We will include it on our Facebook page and you will also receive a letter of recognition and thanks. Be sure to sign up for the e-newsletter as we will share other ideas on how to take action and make a difference.


Here are a few ideas on how club members can help:

  • Fundraising Events: Host car washes, bake sales, yard sales

  • Donation Drives: Collect towels, food, blankets and toys and other items on the Wish List for the Center for Great Apes

  • Education Projects: We can help with classroom projects to help educate your friends on responsible pet ownership and how to get involved with rescue work. See our School page for information and ideas.

  • Parties: Host a party to tell others what you are doing and about the Center for Great Apes.

  • Talk, draw, write: Tell others about your efforts and goals through art, by talking to your class, family and friends; write a story and share it. Be sure to share your efforts with us. If its ok with your parents, we will share it on our Facebook page and in our quarterly newsletter or our blog.

  • Attend an Event: Volunteer with an adult at one of our team projects. Follow us on Facebook to find out where and when these will occur. 


We are always seeking creative ways to educate, involve and share information and ideas - so part of being a member or supporter is sharing your ideas!


Send a letter to a company, leader, organizations, community and ask them to change their environmentally-harmful, animal-endangering ways. As someone who buys things and influences what your parents buy - what you say IS important to them. They look at you as a future consumer, leader, change-maker. Make sure your voice is heard.


We also want to hear from you! As Ape Ambassadors, you can unite the group to create a letter campaign. The more notes they get requesting change, the more likely you ill achieve your goal. Please email us to suggest an effort.


Want to see how some kids and teens used their writing to impact change? Visit the Banana Blog!






Have A Sale

Have a fundraiser that is fun


A fun way to raise money for the Center for Great Apes, or any charity, is to organize a bake sale, garage sale, or even a lemonade stand. You can make posters letting your customers know what non-profit you are raising funds for and share some information about that organization. 


Read the Banana Blog about how Vivienne Harr had a lemonade stand which led to the development of Make A Stand.


Plan a party to raise awareness of your Ape Ambassador status. It can be your birthday party, a pool party, a movie night, art party - the options are endless - whatever you want to do (and, of course, your parents need to be ok with). Having a party is a great way to tell your story. And parties are fun. At the party in the photo to the left, there were monkey-themed games, a man (Steve) dressed up like a banana, a cake with the face of a chimpanzee and little toy orangutans for anyone who donated $20.



Trash Pick-Up

A little effort goes a long way.


Making a difference can be as simple as filling a trash bag. Cleaning a wild habitat of trash and debris takes a small effort but is a big way to help animals.




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