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Cute baby orangutans

Baby orangutans are so adorable. With their fuzzy red hair and magcal expressions, it is impossible not to fall in love with these primates. This cute photo is of Gunung, who is being cared for by the team at Orangutan Outreach.

Orangutan Outreach, located in Borneo and Sumatra (the only place in the world where orangtuans are found in the wild), protects orangutans in their native habitat while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans until they can be returned to their natural environment.

Ok - back to cute, little Gunung. One day the team got an emergency call from the local forestry department informing them that a man had found a tiny baby orangutan alone in a tree in an area called Tanjung Gunung. It’s hard to say what really happened, but one thing is for sure: It is highly unlikely that 2-3 month-old baby orangutan would be alone in the forest without any sign of his mother. The little fellow was given the name “Gunung “ which means “Mountain” in Bahasa Indonesian. He is being cared for at IAR Ketapang.

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