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9-Year Old Boy Starts an Animal Shelter

We know that kids are never too young to do great thigs. And in this blog we will focus on those kids.

We came across a great story on about Ken, a 9-year old boy who lives in the Philipinnes, who started a no-kill animal shelter in his garage. Here is a link to his story as told by Melissa McGlensey of the Huffington Post.

Ken always wanted to start a shelter. And because a photo of him feeding stray dogs went viral in 2013, donors from all over the world, his dad and concerned citizens in his town, helped him make that dream a reality.

He started a shelter in his garage and began rescuing stray dogs living on the street. He helps them recover from disease and illnesses and regain their trust of and comfort with people. His goal is to find the animals a safe and caring home.

In May 2014, thanks to donations, Ken signed a one-year lease for a space where he can continue to create a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter for street animals.

Ken’s mission is simple and straight-forward: “The official at the pound said most dogs are put down because only 20-30% of owners claim their dogs, and no animal welfare organization is doing something about it. I want to save as many of those dogs as I can from being killed for no reason.”

To learn more about Ken’s shelter, Happy Animals Club, click here.

Source: (via:, huffpost)

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