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Chasing Orangutans

It's the summer of 2014 and two kids, Russell and Jessica Laman, are in the rainforests of Borneo, pulling leeches off their arms, swinging from vines and chasing orangutans. Not your average summer vacation!

Jessica Russell Laman.jpg

Why on earth are they in Borneo? Jessica and Russell's father Tim, a wildlife photojournalist, is studying orangutan behavior and his story will be in an upcoming issue of National Geographic. And their mom, Cheryl, has received grants from the National Geographic Society for her work with orangutans. So - it's not really a vacation - their trip to Borneo is for work! But work can be an adventure and you can read about Russell and Jessica's adventures in Borneo.

Both Russell (14) and Jessica (10) write about thier adventures.

You can read about their adventures in PROOF - a blog by National Geographic.

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