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Featured Ape Ambassadors

Meet some of our Ape Ambassadors!

Scout Dingman

In 2014, Scout Dingman, an eight year old girl living in Miami, started the Ape Ambassadors club for kids and teens to help increase awareness and raise funds for the Center for Great Apes. For her last three birthdays, Scout has asked friends to bring donations, not presents, and as a result has raised more than $2,500 for the Center for Great Apes. She also encouraged classmates to select the sanctuary as the charity of choice for the Friday fundraiser and raised $300.


Tommy Basan

Tommy Basan is the Ape Ambassador for his elementary school in Miami, Florida. For his 5th birthday party, Tommy asked friends to bring items from the wish list. And they did - a whole truck load. He did it again for his 6th birthday and was able to donate both cash and items on the wish list!
In the photo - Tommy (far right) is with his Mom and brother Talan (they are also big time fans and supporters of the ape sanctuary).


Loriz Arencibia

Loriz Arencibia first visited the Center for Great Apes in October 2014. Even before visiting, she was committed to helping the sanctuary and being part of the Ape Ambassadors. 



Iris Moore

Iris Moore, who lives on an island off the coast of Florida, joined the Ape Ambassadors club when she was 9 years old. Iris is the Ape Ambassador at her school in Englewood, Florida.


Soliel Martinez

Soliel Martinez is a 12 year old student at Palmer Trinity School in Miami, Florida. She is the Ape Ambassador for the private school. She has always been an advocate for animals and looks forward to getting the word out about the Center for Great Apes.

Zoe Kollaras

At just 10 years old, Zoe has shown her philanthropic spirit many times from raising funds for diabetes research and for an orphanage in Haiti to helping friends and neighbors out. Zoe is the Ape Ambassador at her school in Miami Shores.

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